August 9, 2022
zam cash loan ,application

Zam cash Loan Application – How to Apply online

Today we will tell you how to get mobile money in 5 minutes. If you are a resident of Zambia then this information will be beneficial for you. Because here I will tell you. “How to Apply for Zam cash Loan Application Online?” That’s why you should look at the things mentioned in this post.

Many people think of taking a loan to solve their money problems. And in this case salary, advance loan can be a real relief. But if you get it immediately i.e. within 5 minutes then it will be better for you.

A loan is also given on the same basis if you work somewhere and your salary is good. Because the loan is deducted at the end or in the middle of every month through the bank.

For Zambian people zam cash loan is available within 5 minutes. If you need salary advance then you can go for Zam cash loan. Get all the loan details here through the website

This platform is completely online and works to lend money to anyone who fulfils the eligibility criteria. uses Nginx as the server and the loan is processed automatically through their website.

The process of a zam cash loan is simple and does not require any paperwork. All you have to do is complete the process on your mobile browser. Within 5 minutes you can get the money on your mobile phone after the loan approval process.

  • No Paperwork
  • Apply 100% via mobile
  • Receive mobile money within 5 minutes

How to Apply for Zam cash Loan Application Online?

To konw how to apply for the Zam cash Loan Application Online, you must follow the step below.

Step 1: First of all, you need to visiti the official website of or

zam cash loan ,application
How to Apply for Zam cash Loan Application Online?

Step 2: Click on the “Next” button, and Enter your “Mobile Number”.

zam cash loan application online

Note – The registered phone number should be under the Airtel or MTN.

Step 3: After that, You must provide the Required details for loan approval. such as –

  • Personal Details
  • Professional information
  • educational details
  • current employment status
  • employee’s name
  • Answer the required question

Step 4: Once you complete the application, you must review your details and submit the application.

Note – Approval is granted in less time if all the details are correct and after approval, your loan will be credited to your account within 5 minutes.

Zam Cash Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • Only people residing in Zambia can apply for the loan.
  • Their age should be between 21 to 60 years.
  • Have your own mobile money(MTN/Airtel)
  • Government approved ID card is also required to fill out the application form.
  • One can get the loan amount of K500 in the salary account of the individual.
  • One has to pay K600 for the K500 amount taken from his salary.
  • one must be a Zambian NRC holder.

How to Check Zam cash loan application status?

To check the Zam cash loan application status, you need to login into your account using your Phone number and password. and go to the application section or Status and check your status live. If your application is approved then you can view the approval. Otherwise, your application will show as pending.

Zam cash loans contact number

  • 260 776435588
  • 260 962303456

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