World’s fourth most powerful Indian Army, Pakistani Army left Israel-Canada behind

India has made its position at number four among the most powerful armies in the world. Whereas America is considered to be the most powerful army in the world so far, and Russia’s army is second in the world.

In the era of the Bengali, now Pakistan has spent all its expenditure on military growth. He has made it to the 10th position in the list of powerful armies of the world, leaving behind Israel and Canada.

According to the officially released data from the Global Fire Power Index 2021, the armies of 133 countries of the world have been included in it.

According to the annual review of Global Fire Power 2021, Pakistan is the only country in the top 15 countries that has improved its stability.

All the rankings it makes are made on 50 factors. This includes everything from military strength to financial and logistic capability and geographical powers. Pakistan has got 0.2083 Skomer. Pakistan has achieved a jump of 5 places in the year 2021 as compared to last year.

Now Pakistan has surpassed Israel, Canada, Iran and Indonesia in this list. In such a situation, Pakistan spends 7 Billion dollars on its defence out of the total budget. Power index rating of India is given 0.1214. India is followed by Japan, South Korea, France, Britain and Brazil.

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