Urincontrol App Download for Android iOS Apple: How to Use For Men and Women

Urincontrol App Download for Android iOS Apple: How to Use For Men and Women

Urincontrol App Download for Android iOS Apple: How to Use For Men and Women:- Hello, today we are going to talk about the Urincontrol app. If you do not mind, there are many men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence and almost one woman has been found to be suffering from it.

These people are unable to properly coordinate the brain muscles and bladder muscles, leading to differences in the way impulses are sent and received by the brain and the bladder, respectively.

What is Unicontrol App

A program that is learning how to control the Urination by Patients. which is developed by the University of the medical centre of Groningen.

There are several Exercises are available for men and women which is made by Unicontrol App. exercises can give positive results in controlling the urination urge.

During the Exercise People often either urinate or some control. but some people lack control to limit the urge to urinate even at normal times known as urinary incontinence.

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How to Download Urincontrol app in Android/iOS/Apple?

To download and install the Urincontrol app on Android and iPhone, you will need to follow the procedure given below.

Urincontrol App for Android

If you want to download the Urincontrol app for android, then you can do it. but it is not available on the Playstore. Users can download it from other third party App like Apkpure, Apkcombo and more.

Step1: First of all, Go to Google and search any Third-party app downloader site.

Step2: Type and Search Urinconrol App in the Search box.

Step3: Once you find the app, Tap on the Download Option.

Step4: After successfully downloading the app, run it with one tap and install it in your system.

Step5: And Allow the Unknown Source, if Options appear on the screen during installation.

Note:- Click on the Menu, then the Settings and Security tab. From there turn on the tab that allows you to download the app from third-party sources.

Urincontrol App for iOS, Iphone and iPad

If you are an iPhone user, you can download the Urincontrol App for ios devices, Follow the Procedure below.

Step1: Visit third-party app sites for iOS devices.
Step2: Find the Urincontrol app you want to download.
Step3: Next, click on the download button until the app is easily downloaded.
Step4: To run and install the app, you will need to trust the source by going to your general tab from the settings option.
Step5: Now install the app safely without jailbreaking and rooting.


There are several benefits of Urincontrol app.

  • People can identify their Health condition through this app.
  • It provides several exercise & physiotherapy techniques for Patients.
  • Patients can easily find out their condition.
  • it helps to analyze the development of the 3 to 4 months patients conditions.

How to Use Urincontrol app For Men And Women?

Everyone can download the Urincontrol App, Register and Log in with Required details like-  Email and Mobile Number.

After that, you can learn the All Exercise Guide which helps you in controlling urination. and This app can help you more.

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