Swasthya Nidhi App Download Free: How to Register on www.SwasthyaNidhi.in

Swasthya Nidhi App Download Free: How to Register on www.SwasthyaNidhi.in

Welcome Back to the Vpkzworld Blog. Today we are going to talk about the Swasthya Nidhi app. and that is for the health Audit in Crisis of COVID-19.

The Swasthya Nidhi app apk is a fully tested app in 7 other states and Jammu also.

Here we will update more information about the Swasthya Nidhi app download free and How to use it on your android and ios easily. then let’s read all article.

What is Swasthya Nidhi App?

Swasthya Nidhi is a survey app that tracks the Suspious COVID-19 patients and takes action on the time.

It is an integrated health audit and intensive screening framework designed. which is designed for Collecting the Health data of individuals from every Household in Jammu and Kashmir.

After the collection of data, medical teams will be scanned to take action to prevent the spread of coronaviruses and others.

Swasthya Nidhi app and Portal Designed and Developed by D. Z. International.

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How to Swasthya Nidhi App download free?

Follow the Below Procedure to download the swasthya Nidhi app free for Android devices.

  1. Firstly, visit the Official website of the Swasthya Nidhi App.
  2.  You will reach on the “https://swasthyanidhi.in/“.
  3. Here you will get the Five Option – a Field executive, Supervisors, Medical officers, BMO and CMO.

Note:- you can use BMO or CMO If you are a Supervisor. But if you are a field executive or medical officer of BLO, you can download the app for 24-hour surveillance.

4. After that Tap on the download button, and Wait to download.

5. Tap on the app to install, and also tap on the Allow Unknown Source option. Which appear during installation. (Manually – Menu>Settings>Security>download from unknown sources.)

6. Once done, do the registration process by entering your phone number and creating a password.

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Swasthya Nidhi app download pdf

People can download the Swasthya Nidhi app pdf for more information. you can check all the news related to the Swasthya Nidhi app. you can follow the link to download the PDF. Link

How to register and use the Swasthya Nidhi portal?

  1. For BLO you can download the data capture app to register and use the Health Fund App APK.
  2. Go to the www.swasthyanidhi.in Portal and select the BLO. Click on the Download button.
  3. Now install the app, and give permission to allow an unknown source.
  4. And the Last Register on the App by phone number and Password.

How to update survey data to www.SwasthyaNidhi.in?

To upload the survey data to www.swasthyanidhi.in, follow the Instruction given below.

– Login with MObile number and Password.

– Click on the options given above the app based on your job specialization.

– Based on your job specialization, click on the options given on top of the app.

– If it is a report from a new user or group of patients from a specific location, then go to that specific section and add your report.

– For doctors, you can add them separately to the list with patients who need care and who do not require any intervention.

– You can go to your respective section, login to your specific dashboard section, read your dashboard manual and standard operating procedure before going to the dashboard.

– Now easily fill your respective duty list with sections of your app.

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