Poparazzi app Download Android, IOS and How to use Poparazzi

Poparazzi app Download Android, IOS and How to use Poparazzi

Poparazzi app Download Android, IOS and How to use Poparazzi:- Today we are going to talk about the paparazzi App, which is used for sharing the new photo with your friends. Here this app is very good and trending also. it is a new photo-sharing network, where people can make their friends profile and your Friends can make your profile easily with you.

Today I will be going to the full review of the Poparazzi app download for android ios. you can download it and how to use the Poparazzi app on mobile devices. if you won’t know everything, so Read the Article till the end.

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What is Poparazzi App?

Poparazzi App is a new photo-sharing platform where users are paparazzi and you belong to them. The paparazzi app provides the facility to share and create your profile using photos. And your profile Poparazzi is created by your friends if they have your image. And also you can create a profile of your friend by taking his photo.

I think this app is designed to compete with other social media such as Instagram and Dispo. It is now designed for the iPhone. And the Poparazia App Android downloading process is also given below.

The Poparazzi app is founded by Alex and Austine Ma. both are the founders of This app. and it is developed and published by TTYL Inc.

Features of Poparazzi app

  • It is a light and user-friendly apply photo share application.
  • you can share a photo in this app.
  • the app is available for iPhone.
  • The official website are present on the internet.
  • The app is free to use and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and third-party App Store.

How to Paparazzi app android download

User can download the App from the Appstore for ios devices. it is not officially available for Android. but when the paparazzi app android version is available for download, we will update the link here.

How to paparazzi app download for ios

To download the paparazzi app on iPhone you can search the app on the apple appstore., select the right app and install it on your iPhone easily. follow the given download link.

How to use Poparazzi App?

To use the Paparazzi app, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, download and install the Poparazzi app on your android mobile and ios.
  • Now open the app and create your account. and login.
  • Then, select the image from the gallery. Now you can use your  Poparazzi App. 
  • You can add your own photo, but you can’t crop the photo and edit, filter, and more.
  • Tagged photos will not appear on your user account unless each of you is following the other.
  • The Poparazzi App platform is sure to make it easy and use the restricted feature.
  • you can invite your friends because there is not much to do without friends in the app.

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