How to Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rising Crystal Rom June 2021

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rising Crystal Rom June 2021

Hello, Welcome back to Another post of Vpkzworld. Today we are going to talk about Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rising Crystal Rom. which is now available for download smartphone. 

And The Game Released and Update the latest version on 26th April 2021. and Remade by Sarns and based on Pokemon.

It is an enhancement hack to Pokemon Crystal that aims to rectify many of the flaws of the original GSC, while not deviating too much in style and feel. The elements of the story are mostly kept the same with a few additions.

Version: v1.2

Updated:  April 26, 2021

The Credit Goes to, Sarn, Mmmmmm, FroggestSpirit, Pigu, GACT, Scarlax, BloodlessNS, SirWhibbles, Chamber, Soloo993, BlueEmerald, Lake, Neslug, Pikachu25, Ryta, Rangi42, Pendulum, Wendy, Tulip, SuxMenner, Nuuk


  • Many Pokémon have changed their type, stats, and appearance to make them more viable.
  • Some new evolutions and Gen 4 evolution
  • anatomical/special-division
  • New tricks added for generations to come
  • New locations have been added to the game and some old ones have been redesigned
  • Business development either develops through level-ups or is a development object
  • increased difficulty
  • all pokemon are catchable


  • Name: Pokemon Rising Crystal
  • Type: GBC
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Language: English
  • Creator: Sarns

Pokemon Rising Crystal
Poke-mon Rising Crystal

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Rising Crystal Rom

User can download the Pre-Patched of Pokemon Rising Crystal Rom easily by following this method:

  1. First of all, go to google and search “Pokemon Rising Crystal”.
  2. Now click on the First website. 
  3. Once you see the Download option, click to download.
  4. you can easily use it. 

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