अमेरिका: भारतीय-अमेरिकी लोगों का देश में बढ़ा दबदबा, बाइडेन सरकार के इस फैसले की हुई सराहना

America: Indian-American people have increased dominance in the country, Biden government’s decision appreciated

US President Joe Biden has appointed many Indians in his administration. His list includes about 55 Indians. IndiaSpora’s founder M Rangaswamy said that he appreciated the decision of the Biden government. At the same time, Biden said that the dominance of the Indian-American people in the country has increased.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday, citing the inclusion of large numbers of Indian-Americans in his administration, said that Indian-American people have increased their domination in the country. Within 50 days of assuming the presidency, Biden appointed at least 55 people of Indian origin to important posts in his administration.

Indian-Americans have been appointed in every department of the government, from the President’s speech writing to the space agency NASA. Talking digitally to NASA scientists involved in the mission to land the ‘Perseverance’ rover on the surface of Mars, Biden said, “Americans of Indian origin have increased their domination in the country.” You are (Swati Mohan), Vice President (Kamala Harris), my speech writer (Vinay Reddy). “

Biden appointed many Indians in his administration

Mohan led the directions, directions and control campaign in NASA’s Mars 2020 campaign. The ‘Perseverance’ rover landed on the surface of Mars on 18 February. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on 20 January. He has appointed at least 55 people of Indian origin in his administration. Half of them are women and they are working in the White House.

The founder of IndiaSpora gave a response

Earlier, most people of Indian origin were appointed during the tenure of Barack Obama. M Rangaswamy, a Bharatvanshi philanthropist and founder of IndiaSpora, said, “It is very pleasant to see that many people of Indian origin are doing public service.” After the new government, many more people are connected. It is a feeling of pride to see the community dominate. “


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