How To Get Free Tokens In Fau-G Game Tips and Tricks

How To Get Free tokens in Fau-G game – gamers in this article, we will know how we can take tokens in Fau-G game because from tokens we can also take a lot of things in Fau-G game like Club Skin, Ax Skin, Pipe Skin and Fau-G Character.

The Fau-G one has finally arrived and now its wait is over, yet it remains to be seen how the gamers felt? Yet FAUG Player is also very fond of it and is now waiting for the update of Team Death Match (TDM).

How To Get Free Tokens In Fau-G Game

In FAUG Game you can take free tokens, yes you can of course because Fau-G has additional features, which is video ads. With which you can take 5 tokens every video by watching a video advertisement. And by doing this, we can take more token and buy new things from Faug Game.

How To Get Free Tokens In Fau-G Game Step By Steps

  • First, you open your FAUG game
  • Click the store button that appears on the screen in the lobby
  • Now click on tokens button.
  • You will see the option of video watch, click on it and watch the video ad
    Free tokens.
  • After watching the video for about 30 seconds, you will get 5 tokens in the Fau-G Game.
  • Users can only watch the video watch option given in the FAUG Game five times and take 25 tokens in 5 times so that they can buy anything FAUG Game.

Hopefully, you may have liked this article How to Get Free Token In Fau-G, you may have also been able to know how you can take tokens for free, if you have any questions, you can do it in the comments