January 21, 2022
Elite Free Fire Pass February 2021 Legends of Fuji, see pre-order

Elite Free Fire Pass February 2021 Legends of Fuji, see pre-order

This Tuesday 26 January Garena confirmed the information about the pre-sale of the February elite pass on Free Fire in 2021, the same will be called “Legends of Fuji” and will be released next Monday (01), find out all the information about the advance prize for players.

The pre-sale of the elite Free Fire pass “Lendas do Fuji” in February 2021 will begin this Friday 29, after Brasília time, players who purchase it in advance will receive a plank skin called “Onimaru”.

The main costumes of the elite pass “Lendas do Fuji” are called “Irezumi” package (female) and “Onimaru” package (male).

To date, Garena has not confirmed whether there will be a February 2021 Elite Free Fire pass card at a discount, but if this occurs, the item should be made available on a web-event only after the 15th.

See the official animation of the February 2021 elite pass skins in the video below:


See the advantages obtained by purchasing the elite pass during the pre-sale:

    • Unlock access to all Elite rewards – worth more than 10,000 diamonds;
    • Unlock Elite Challenges to earn more badges and have your daily gold limit increased by 100;
    • Your nick will appear in red when you eliminate an enemy in the game;
    • Receive 50 badges immediately to unlock the first skin of the pass;


Garena launches a new elite pass each month with a different theme, where players can redeem the rewards after earning pass badges by performing veteran and elite missions.

The elite pass lasts about 1 month, to update the pass you need 600 diamonds or 1200 diamonds with 50 more badges.