doctor b app, dr b app, dr b app download, drb
doctor b app, dr b app, dr b app download, drb

Dr b Covid Vaccine App:- Hello friends and welcome back to In this post, we will tell about Dr B Covid app. Now it is very trend on the internet. If you want to know about the Dr B app then read the article below.

About DoctorB App (DR B APP)

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, better known as DoctorB, a world-renowned, plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over two decades of experience. With its scientifically-based innovative works, the famous surgeon has become a phenomenon in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.

The techniques he developed and introduced have brought a new approach to medical science. He treats patients from all over the world and is a member of several social organizations including ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Surgery Surgery).

Doctor B takes it as his duty to spread awareness about aesthetic surgery and to help people access easy-to-find information. He put an end to the aesthetic concerns of the attendees of the TV program “New Life” and assisted them to change their lives for a short time. Their aim has always been to create greater happiness, with Doctor B caring about the inner peace of his patients and defending that aesthetic surgeons mainly contribute to self-confidence.

Doctor B has shared his unique vision with the world and has reached many people internationally. By participating in media, press, internet and many events, such as he can raise public awareness and educate people on how aesthetic surgery can help them.

What is Dr B Covid app?

Dr B App is a Health and fitness related application. which is developed and Publish by BCode Software. The Dr B Covid app was launched in January and is currently in standby mode.

Dr. B Vaccine matches the online list and the app claims to be able to solve two problems.

  1. Getting appointments for appropriate vaccination.
  2. If a person books up a slot for a vaccine and does not turn up to take it.

How to use Dr B Covid app for vaccination?

you can use the Dr B Covid vaccine app, follow the steps below.

First of all, users have to download the Dr. B. Covid app. And download the app once. It asks users to include some details;

  1. Enter complete name
  2. Upload contact information

Details related to priority ranking scheme for vaccination like-

  1. Occupation
  2. Medical risks

If there is ever an additional dose of a vaccine, it will not be claimed by that person. For which it was booked, Dr B can help one of the users to register with the remaining vaccine drive Dr. B’s app.

This app will send a message to all registered users who are nearby centers where additional doses can be found.

The alert sent is according to the priority rank set by that particular state or jurisdiction. Registered users are given a 15-minute window duration to claim the dose.

How to download Dr B app?

You can download iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store) on mobile devices.

Dr B app For Android

  • Go to Google Play store.
  • Search “Dr B app” on playstore from Search box [you can follow the link below.]
  • and Now install the app on your android mobile.
  • now login and use this app.

Dr B app For iOS

  • Go to the Apple Play store.
  • From the Search tab, find out the Dr B app.
  • After download and installation, Just log in to the application and fill in the required option.

Once registered in the site, users will be in standby mode. Usually the vial remains active for up to six hours after melting.

Whenever, a notification is issued for an unclaimed vial, it is broadcast by Dr. B’s app to all registered users in the particular area where the vial is available.

Is Dr. B standby list valid of Legitimate?

What Dr B is valid in case of standby list? Yes, it is not only valid but absolutely free to use.

Once signed up, the app is available whenever a Dr. from a site. Will send notifications if vaccine matches with B’s registered users. Users do not need to wait in long queues with this app in action.

Additionally, people who could not list themselves with the government have a fair chance of getting the vaccine whenever a registered user is not turned on for it.

Users are often found to be booking more than one slot for a vaccine. When they were dr. B does not turn for some leaving room for other unregistered people on the standby list.


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