Bsafe Kerala police app Download For Android & iphone: All You Need To Know

Bsafe Kerala police app Download For Android & iphone: All You Need To Know

Welcome back in Another post of vpkzworld. today we are going to Talk about the “Bsafe Kerala police app”. This app is developed by Kerala Police Cyberdome. It is specially designed for Public use. who can use this app on Smartphone?

here I have discussed various thing about the bsafe Kerala police app. if you are interested to know about this, Please Read the Entire article. app Download for Android & iPhone: All You Need To Know

Bsafe Kerala police app

bsafe Kerala police app is a Platform for alerting fraud and spam calls, Which is Developed and Managed by Kerala Police Cyberdome. 

Not only for spam prevention, but the BSafe platform also continues to improve and introduce new features in the field of security in various fields.

Everyone can easily use Bsafe Kerala Police App on Android aur iOS phone. You can download the app from Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

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What is Kerala Police Cyberdome?

Cyberdome is a technical research and development centre of the Kerala Police Department, envisioned as a centre of excellence in cybersecurity as well as technology enhancement for effective policing.

It envisages as a high-tech public-private partnership actively collaborating with various stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity and cybersecurity in dealing with cybercrimes.

One of the main objectives of Cyberdome is to prevent cybercrimes by developing a flexible ecosystem of cyber threats in the state by coordinating with other departments and nodal agencies of the state to guard against the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

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Cyberdome creates collective coordination between government departments and agencies, academics, research groups, non-profit organizations, individual experts in the community, ethical hackers, private organizations, and other law enforcement agencies with the aim of providing a safe place. And a cyber world secured for every citizen in the state.

Feature of Bsafe Kerala police app

  • Pop-ups and spam detection
  • Quick search phone number
  • Search verified number from our directory
  • report number
  • Block and manage calls on the device
  • Call log and a quick search from the call log
  • Search for spam in contact and call logs
  • IMEI Search

Bsafe Kerala police app Download For Android & iphone

If you are an android and ios user you can download it from  Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. so, let’s follow the following steps.

For Android

  1. Visit The Google Playstore.
  2. Search Bsafe Kerala app.
  3. and select the App published by Kerala Police Cyberdome.
  4. Now install the App.

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For iPhone

  1. Visit The Apple Appstore.
  2. Search Bsafe Kerala Police app.
  3. and Select the App published by Kerala Police – Cyberdome.
  4. Now install the App.

How to Use Bsafe Kerala police app

  • User can use this app easily log in with a Mobile Number.
  • Open the app and log in by a mobile number.
  • Allow all required Details. and you can report against the scam caller. And it will help you easily.

How to get application form?

There are two types of Kerala e pass application forms you can find from or (be safe police Seva app)

1. Inter-district travel passes Kerala or affidavit form page.
2. Affidavit pass forms page.

Both can be filled online and the basic information about the journey and your details is required in the application form.

You will also have to tell them about your vehicle and your travel destination, your vehicle registration number and the number of people who will be travelling with you.

How to do Kerala epass Registration? 

To get Kerala e-pass online (Kerala e pass apply online), go to the Bsafe app and follow the steps given below to download the Kerala e-pass application form.

Step#1. Go to the

Step#2. This opens the Emergency and Affidavit Pass Form page.

Step#3. Click on the application form and fill in the details such as name, age, vehicle number, type, date of travel, and time, the purpose of travel, location, area of ​​travel and phone number.

Step#4. Digitally sign in it by attaching your e-signature file which should not exceed 1 MB.

Step#5.  Click to verify that you are not a robot, but a real human and then check the T&C box.

Step#6. After completing these steps, click on the details.

How to check Kerala entry pass status?

You want to Kerala epass status check online then, one must follow the below steps;

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bsafe kerala police app,

Step#1. Go to the homepage of

Step#2. Tap on the check status Option.

Step#3. Enter your Phone number and also your date of birth.

Step#4. Check the Captcha image (I am Not a Robot).

Step#5. and at Last, click on submit button.

Step#6. E-pass status will appear on your screen.

Step#7. Once your pass is approved, you can download it and print it.

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