Boba app Download And How to use Boba App

Boba app Download And How to use Boba App

Boba app Download And How to use Boba App:- Today we will tell you about such an application and platform, with the help of which you will be able to pre-order coffee or drinks online. Along with this, you can also ask for different food outlets with the help of this platform. With this, you can easily get any drink without waiting. The app I am talking about is the “Boba app”. Which allows you to pre-order coffee or drinks.

Simultaneously, you can get your drink without any hassle without waiting in line. The boba app will fully assist you in locating the store, as well as sending your order to the relevant store. After that, you have to go to the store of your choice and take your ordered goods.

How to download boba app for android and ios

To download the Boba app, you have to go to google playstore or the apple appstore. If you are using android mobile then download it from google playstore, and if you are using an iphone then you have to download it from the apple appstore.

1. First of all open google playstore or apple appstore.
2. After that search for the Boba app.
3. After getting the app, select it and install it in your mobile.

How to use boba app?

– To use this app, first install it on your mobile.

– After that open the boba app and register your account with your mobile number. After that verify by entering the OTP received by SMS.

– After completion of this process, find the nearest outlet to get the bubble drink.

– After that choose your favorite bubble drink other food item or use Randomize option.

– If you do not find any favorite drink then keep shaking the mobile.

– And after that, you can select your drink, coffee and other items from the menu list of the store.

– After that click on pay, and complete the payment method by signing in with your card.

So with the help of these procedures, you can easily use the Boba app. For more information, you can ask us through a comment.

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