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BDO provides services such as investments and trusts, loans and credit cards as well as various financial services and insurance. The BDO credit card online services are quite a popular point of view for Filipino residents. The credit card reports your credit score once every month. If you want to build your credit score, then you can go with these credit cards as the credit card reports your credit score once every month.

BDO is issued by Unibank and other relevant trademarks are issued by BDO. By using these credit cards, you can pass on your benefits to your family members and also be able to control their speed.

If you have to apply, you can learn more about how to check the status of your application in this article.

How to Apply for BDO Credit Card?

To apply for BDO credit card, you need to fill the application online from its official website ( and choose the Credit card which you want to apply for, then click on the start button.

After that, you need to enter your personal details, Address, Income source and details and all required details in the fields. Then submit the application.

How do I apply form?

You can visit any BDO branch to apply for credit card. You must complete the BDO Cash Card Application Form and provide one valid ID. After that the application form has to be submitted.

BDO credit card application requirements

1. You have to provide the Photocopy of other credit card front.

2. You need to original copy of Statement of Account (SOA) of existing credit card for the last two months which is at least 1 year on the books.

3. you must provide the photocopy (front and back) of at least 1 valid ID with your photo and signature and signed/issued by an official authority. You can choose one of the following:

  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID.
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) approval.
  • police clearance.
  • Postal ID.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Barangay Certification.
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card.
  • Social Security System (SSS) card.
  • TIN ID.
  • Foreigners Certification of Registration or Immigrant Certificate of Registration.
  • Government office (eg Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)) ID and other valid ID issued by the government and its instruments.

4. For Employed: you need to Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316 signed by the authorized representative of the employer.

5. For self-employed: you need to Photocopy of latest ITR and W4 with BIR stamp

Eligibility Criteria

  • Principal Cardholder: Must be 21 to 70 years old
  • Supplementary Cardholder: must be 3 years old and above
  • Must have a landline and/or a mobile phone number is required

How to Check BDO credit card Application Status?

To check your credit card application status, you must follow this way – official website >> Customer Service >> Application Status.

Once you reached on the BDO application status page, Then Enter TIN Number and Enter SSS Number in the blank box and click on the submit button.

Finally, your application status will appear on the device screen.

How long does it take for BDO credit card approval?

The BDO credit card approval process takes around 7 working days, and the approval process begins only after the final document is submitted. After that you get the notification of acceptance of BDO credit card.

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