Asda rewards app: launches first customer loyalty rewards scheme
December 4, 2021

Asda rewards app: Asda launches first customer loyalty rewards scheme

Asda rewards app UK download: ASDA is launching its first customer loyalty rewards scheme, which has been tested with 2,000 employees for this service. Here using the ‘Asda Rewards’ smartphone app, customers can also earn rewards for purchasing ‘Star’ products, which will feature many of the supermarket’s leading own-label lines, as well as brands such as Cadbury, Heinz and Pampers.

The rewards here go to a ‘cash pot’ in the app, which can also be added by completing missions. Asda rewards app missions include buying five fruits and vegetables to get £1 in pot and spending £15 on pet products to get £3. And then the customer can redeem the rewards by converting the pot into vouchers for money from their next shopping basket.

Asda last month launched a pilot of the scheme for employees in 16 stores in West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. Till October 21, customers can download the app from the App Store and use it at the same 16 Pilot Asda branches.

Asda was already running a Christmas savings card scheme but had not launched a loyalty rewards program, preferring to focus on low everyday prices. But as loyalty testing has evolved Asda aims to use customers’ data to add personalized rewards for their favorite purchases as well as eco-friendly options.

“We know that our customers want the best possible price when shopping with us, especially as household budgets grow,” said Matt McClellan, Asda Customer Proposition and VP. “Our Asda Rewards test rewards our loyal customers with pounds for buying the products they love.

“We hope our customers will enjoy building up their cash pot while testing and spending it on what they love in-store — or save it for the all-important Christmas shop.