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Hello, through today’s post, we will tell you about ‘how to apply for canada visitor visa online’. If you want to apply online for Canada Visitor Visa from India or from the USA and canada. you can do it. But for this, you have to check the necessary documents and eligibility for it. Come, through this post, we will guide you completely about ‘apply for visitor visa Canada’ so read the article completely.

What is Canada Visitor Visa?

Canada Visitor Visa is a temporary resident visa for Canada that allows the people to visit Canada for tourism or holidays in Canada, visiting family and other purposes.

Canada tourist visas allow you to visit Canada’s port of entry and ask for permission to enter the country. Border patrol officers are the ones who are allowed to grant or deny you entry depending on your documents and your situation.

If you have been issued a visitor visa to Canada and the authorities find that you have no criminal intent, you are allowed to pass through the port of entry and begin your holiday or family visit in Canada.

Generally, there are 4 types of Canadian visitor visas to follow.

  • Temporary resident visa
  • study permit
  • work permit
  • Permanent resident travel document

Which documents are required for Canada visitor visa?

To apply for a (Visitor) tourist visa to Canada, you will also need to submit certain documents. With this, you can check your required documents according to the situation from

  • There are standard requirements for a Canada visa.
  • Canada tourist visa application form is required.
  • Your bank or other financial papers demonstrate that you have enough money to fly to Canada.
  • If you have already purchased your plane tickets, provide an itinerary or details of your plans after you arrive in Canada.
  • Canada visa letter from your family or friends if you are visiting them.
  • Proof of relationship if you are visiting your family.
  • The immigration status of your family or friends if you are visiting them.
  • Bank statements or other financial details of your friends or family if you are visiting them.
  • A statement from you to the Canadian government stating why you should be granted a tourist visa.
  • Two photos that meet Canada photo requirements.
  • Your employment or education status by way of a resume or diploma, as well as a letter from your employer stating that you have contractual obligations to fulfil and must return to your home country.
  • Proof that your stay in Canada is temporary and that you will return to your home country after your trip ends, such as a lease, property deed, etc.
  • Proof that you are not planning to work or study in Canada.
  • Court documents that prove you have a clean criminal history.

What is the Canada visitor visa eligibility?

Who can Apply for a Canada visitor visa online: There are some basic requirements you need to meet in order to apply for and obtain a Canada visitor visa online.

  • Must have a valid travel document such as a passport
  • Have to be in good health.
  • Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • you need to explain to an immigration officer that you have ties like a job, home, financial assets or family that will take you back to your own country.
  • Explain to an immigration officer that you will be leaving Canada at the end of your trip
  • You should have enough money for your stay.
  • How much money you will need depends on the length of time you stay. And if you will be staying in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.
  • You may also need a medical exam and an invitation letter from someone living in Canada.

Note: Some people are not allowed to enter Canada. You may be disqualified for a variety of reasons, including being involved (criminal activity, human rights violations and organized crime). You may also be unaccepted for safety, health or financial reasons. Visit the portal to know more about the disallowance.

Head start application Apply

How to Apply for Canada visitor visa online?

To apply for a Canada visitor visa online you need to have eligibility, electronic copies of your documents, valid credit card, fingerprints, etc. now, follow the step below to complete your Visitor visa application online.

Step 1: First, check if you are eligible to travel to Canada. If you are eligible, then go ahead.

Step 2: Provide all the required documents that show that you meet the Canada visitor visa criteria.

Step 3: You need to choose the ‘Get detailed instructions for your situation in the following list and click on the Get ‘Instructions’ Option.

Apply Now

Step 4: After selecting the situation in the list, you will reach the page related to the application. There you have to click on “Yes”.

Step 5: You have to apply for a visitor visa through the IRCC portal, click on the button “How to apply for a visitor visa through the IRCC Portal” at the bottom.

Step 6: Now you need to “Create your account on IRCC Portal” and Sign in with your Login Credentials. if you have already your account you need to sign in.

Step 7: After that, you need to complete the online form and upload your required documents.

Note: Only upload proof of vaccination to ArivacanApp, if applicable (you do not need to upload it with your application).

Step 8: Once you complete the application, You need to pay with credit cards and prepaid cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and UnionPay

  • Single-entry fee: CAD 100
  • Multiple-entry fee: CAD 100

Step 9: After that Submit your application for a Canada visitor visa.

How to Track Canada visitor visa application?

You can track your visitor vista application status using your tracking number. after applying for the application you will receive a tracking number, you can use that number to track the progress of your application online. For this, you have to click “After you apply”.

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