August 9, 2022
amazon storefront application

How to Apply for the Amazon Storefront Application in 2022

Through this post today, we will tell you about Amazon Storefront Application. Here you will find how to get an amazon storefront?, how do you make an amazon storefront, how do you set up an Amazon storefront and other information.

What is a storefront on amazon?

Amazon Storefront is a service for brand-registered sellers that allows storefront brands to showcase all of their products in one place, highlight top content, photography and graphics, and customize them with personal branding and logos.

With a customized storefront, you’ll be able to showcase your entire product assortment to capture the attention of shoppers and even use it as a landing page for ads (sponsored brands, display advertising campaigns, social media and influencers). marketing, and more).

Definition – an Amazon storefront serves as a miniature eCommerce website that allows brands to create unique, brand-specific shopping experiences for their customers while selling products to Amazon customers through Amazon.

Storefronts are also helpful for all sellers who want to better understand the buying patterns of buyers. Here Amazon built Store Insights—a tool that shows brands the exact amount of traffic and sales that their storefront receives—like analytics. This feature helps brands see how customers are behaving, optimize their marketing strategy, and then execute changes that lead to more buyer conversions.

If you’re not sure whether you have an Amazon storefront, or you’re hoping to check out a competitor, the easiest way to find it is by clicking on the brand name located under the heading on the product detail page. If a brand has an Amazon Storefront, it must display a custom-designed Storefront for that brand’s products.

How do you make an Amazon Storefront?

amazon storefront application
amazon storefront application

Looking for professional help to build, design and market your storefront on Amazon then you should read the Amazon storefront application process. Because here step by step is explained.
To apply Amazon storefront application, you have to fulfil its requirements and eligibility. Below is the complete guide with the help of steps and links. Keep following the step.

How to Apply for Amazon storefront application?

Step1: To apply for the Amazon storefront online, you need to “Enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program” to protect your brand and products from copycats on Amazon.

Step 2: You need to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry. you need to make sure that, Amazon will only accept trademarks issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the following only 15 countries:

  1. United States
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. Australia
  6. India
  7. Japan
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Italy
  11. Singapore
  12. Spain
  13. United Kingdom
  14. European Union
  15. United Arab Emirates

Step 3: Once you are connected to the Amazon Brand Registry, you can proceed by opening your storefront on Amazon.

Step 4: You need to log into your Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central account.

Step 5: After that, Go to the Storefront section from that Navigation bar.

Step 6: Then Press the “Create Store” button.

Step 7: Add your Brand display name and Brand logo in the required fields. Once you set up your brand logo and brand display name, click the “Next” Button.

Step 8: After that, Design your Amazon storefront page by providing the Required Information.

Step 9: Add your products by logging into your Amazon Seller Account >> Inventory >> Add a Product.

Step 10: Finally, Expand your storefront with pages on Amazon Store.

Go to Store Setting>> Add page>>Add your page navigation title>>page meta description>> page template

Step 11: Once you completed the application process, you need to Launch your Amazon Store by Clicking on the Submit button.

Eligibility requirements for Amazon storefront?

  • Amazon Brand Registry account
  • Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central account
  • trademark recognized by WIPO
  • GST/PAN details
  • country-specific identification cards
  • Active bank account for payment transactions

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FAQ – Amazon Storefront Application

How many followers do you need to have on an Amazon Storefront?

The general consensus is that having 200 followers is the absolute minimum that Amazon may consider accepting. Because they qualify as nano-influencers, there are as high as 20,000 followers defining the range with other sources. In the end, it’s Amazon’s decision which one they’ll accept.

Amazon storefront examples

There are some amazon storefront examples are available.

1. Reebok’s Amazon Storefront
2. Ranger Ready’s Amazon Storefront
3. MCS Industries’ Amazon Storefront
4. PK Grills’ Amazon Storefront
5. Godiva’s Amazon Storefront

Can anyone make an Amazon Storefront?

Yes, sellers, vendors and agencies can open an Amazon storefront. However, anyone who wants to open an Amazon store must enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry, which requires applicants to have a registered and active text- or image-based trademark.


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